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Something Awful

🏳️‍🌈 an lgbt+ supernatural story filled with mutual pining, gorgeous full-color illustrations, and lizards


Something lurks underneath the surface of the Hog Creek river…


Welcome to dusty and washed-out Hog Creek, where nothing ever happens. Until Grayson accidentally sees a horrifying creature disappear into the local river. He ignores the incident, but then people start to go missing…

If you like Stranger Things and Gravity Falls, you’ll like the vibes of this story!

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🏳️‍🌈 the book is 216 pages.
What readers have said about Something Awful: 
“It is definitely a book worth reading and the amazing illustrations with their muted color palette add beautifully to the experience.”
– Valeria, Goodreads
“I loved the mysterious and dark setting, the adventure, the friendships and support, the growth of the main character, the beautiful drawings in between the chapters, and as always the easy but so carefully managed writing style.”
– Nina, Goodreads
Something Awful is really a breath of fresh air as Cindy not only does an absolutely wonderful job of creating characters you will absolutely love (my favorite in this time around is Shelby who is an absolute QUEEN), but the world she creates is absolutely atmospheric with the right amount of spooky.”
– Emily, Goodreads